Sunday, May 22, 2011

I have written for other blog sites, my favorite being VidiotSpeak…

…and I will forever be grateful to all the fine people with whom I still write.

I was disabled by a vicious pair of cancers caused by exposure to Agent Orange from a stint I did in Vietnam. I think that, plus the dreadfully destructive and vile political scene that now exists to benefit only the rich and to do so by making America a third rate banana republic filled with a permanent lower class of citizens lacking the power to stop our 'political elite' and their corporate masters no longer provokes anger, just the heartache of watching our formerly great country devolve at an ever faster rate.

So I have to stop writing of politics for now and seek to further explore a mind, mine, almost destroyed by years of suffering chronic pain, panic attacks, and depression too deep to describe.

As I learn my way around this attempt to have a kinder, gentler blog site I hope to allow everyone or anyone who also seeks an avenue for expressions of their thoughts to post here. The only rule will be no name-calling, insults, profanity, or ad hominem attacks.

So there, that's my first post here; it will not be my last.

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